L-1A Visa and L-1B Visa: Intracompany Transfer Visas

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The L-1A Intracompany Transfer visa not only enables aliens at the management or executive level to transfer quickly and smoothly to the US, but it also enables these aliens to have rapid progression toward getting their green cards. In fact, the L-1A visa is one of the most sought after visas for this reason. So if you have your own existing company in your country and would like to open a branch in the US then this visa could not be better for you and your family. Alternatively, you already work for a multinational company and you get the opportunity to transfer to the US then take it with both hands if you can. When talking to your company make sure that they will support your visa upgrade to green card status as soon as possible so that you and your family can settle.

The L-1B is also an Intracompany Transfer option but these visas are specific to specialists, not managers. US Immigration will want to see that the alien has specialized skills before granting the application. My job will be to make sure that you go for the right visa every time.  Please check out the links above and be inspired.

Bearing the above in mind I look forward to working with you very soon.

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