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Leading or Critical Role

EB1 Check List:

Evidence of Eligibility: 8 C.F.R. 204.5(h) (3)

(viii) Evidence that the alien has performed in a leading or critical role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation;

One of the attributes that most EB1 green card applicants have is that they play a leading or critical role for the organization they work with. It’s very hard to put an EB1 case together without this category being one of them.

EB1 Green Card Leading Role: Look at your career to date and see what types of leading roles you have had. For example, have you lead a team, project managed, directed or been responsible for the performance of other people in your organization? EB1 green card examiners are looking for examples where your leadership has played an important part of the organizations functions. I work with many EB1 green card clients who work in industry and senior managers who run important departments and their leadership is counted upon. I work with other EB1 green card candidates who are brought in to companies to trouble shoot their problems and resolve them. I’ve also worked with EB1 green card candidates who are brought in to help a particular company select the right candidate for a very technical role. In other words, have you been a “go to” senior person in your organization and or are you regularly sought out to come into senior situations to resolve issues.

EB1 Green card Critical Role: there is no hard and fast rule to decide whether a role is leading or critical but there are some differences we can discuss here. In my opinion, a critical role is a role that is played that without the performance of this role at a high level the project could be jeopardized all together. Let’s take the film industry for example and look at the awards that are given out each year. “And the best costume designer goes to…….”, “And the best Sound Effects goes to……, “And the best score goes to……” all of these roles and many more could be considered as critical roles so much so that special awards are given in recognition of their value to the overall project. Not all awards events recognize the same talents. For example, the Screen Actors Guild Awards recognize Stunt Teams, but the Oscars do not.

Set designers, make up artists, photographers, models and so many others, play a leading or critical role in various projects. I even did an O1 extraordinary ability case for a client who restored vintage 1940s Hot Rods from his garage by night and he was a forklift truck driver by day, but his Hot Rods were so exquisite that they were showcased around the world including automotive museums, he got press because of it and he was constantly referenced as the “go to” to confirm the authenticity of other restoration experts around the world. His work was more of a hobby then a career but he was well known in the industry for being the best. I guess if he wanted an EB1 green card it would have been his for the taking.

In the sciences the same principles apply. We take a comprehensive look at the work that the alien has done and make an assessment to see how best to craft their profile to fit the statutory requirements. Each case is unique as everyone’s journey to the top is unique. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is the client’s own disbelief in themselves that they truly qualify. Only an experienced EB1 green card US Immigration attorney can make that determination. I’ll tell you whether you qualify or whether you almost qualify and what we should be working on to tip you into the approval range.

EB1 Green Card Distinguished Organizations: If your working for a company that has established a great reputation for what they do then the EB1 green card alien can claim a share in that success to some degree. The rationale might be that at the leading or critical level distinguished organizations solicit and surround themselves with the best talent. So it is very important for a leading or critical role to be considered within the category of the EB1 green card 8 C.F.R. 204.5(h) (3) that these organizations must have a great reputations.  We have to be able to prove the organization’s reputation by more than hearsay.

The purpose of this outline is to basically give you a flavor or an insight as to what EB1 green card examiners are looking for you to be able to provide in the form of evidence if you’re looking to claim an EB1 green card based on a particular category. Also, to inspire you to see that despite any initial misgivings that you might have you could just qualify for an EB1 green card. Many of my clients were minding their own business in their home country when they came across my website and before they knew it  they had put all the pieces together in just the right statutory way and within days of filing their case we had an approval and their lives were completely transformed. So I hope that as you read through these various categories that your confidence does rise and even if you cannot yet meet enough of the categories to qualify you will allow us to work with you and develop your profile into a winning profile.  My team and I are experts in working with clients to guiding them on all the best ways to turn a negative into a positive. We work EB1 green card cases every day of the week and I personally, would like to invite you to join us.

By Attorney Chris M. Ingram

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